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8 reasons why you’ll love to visit Costa Rica

If you’re looking to travel to a natural paradise while you get some dental work done, LS Dental Clinic in Costa Rica should be your first option. Costa Rica is an amazing country that will provide you the best memories and experiences, and a huge desire to return (not to mention, stay for good). We list only these 8 of the many reasons why you’ll completely fall in love with our country when you visit:

Wildlife everywhere
If you love wildlife, Costa Rica is the best a destination for you. Our varied climates are home to thousands of animal species that you can observe without much effort during your visit. You will be delighted seeing sloths and bright colored frogs. We are the world capital of hummingbirds, turtles nesting and the arrival place of whales in the mating season.

The Costa Rica’s mountains are always green throughout the year. To visit Costa Rica is to enjoy the diverse flora that adapts to the climate of each region. Our national flower is an orchid, of which there are over 1400 different kinds in our country. Over 25% of our national territory are protected areas. Costa Rica is home to more than 30 national parks, dozens of which, are volcanic formations.

Costa Rica has more than 140 beaches, almost 70 of them are the Province of Guanacaste. That is the case of the wonderful Coco Beach, where LS Dental Clinic is located. These beaches offer you different colors of sand, such as: white formations of shells , volcanic grays or black magnetite. In all of them, you can relax and enjoy a beautiful view while traveling in boats by the seas. Most of these beaches have the Blue Flag environmental distinction.

Because of the small size of its territory, Costa Rica allows you to travel from a warm beach to a cloudy mountain in a matter of a few hours. Also, you can cross from the Caribbean sea to the Pacific Ocean in one single day.

A haven of peace
This small country abolished its army in 1948. Since then, our security is in the hands of our Police called ‘Fuerza Pública de Costa Rica. This entity doesn’t possess any military positions. Instead of having a budget for weapons, Costa Rica dedicates its funds to the education of its children.

Costa Rica offers all kinds of adventures, from extreme sports to very enriching cultural activities that you can enjoy. Some of them are: museums of gold and pre-Columbian jade objets, archeological sites with petroglyphs and the famous ‘Diquis’ stone spheres, declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

Costa Rica offers a variety of foods that you will surely love, such as tamales, beef served on corn tortillas (known as ‘gallos’), ‘olla de carne’ (beef soup) and pejibayes, to mention a few. Costa Rica’s typical dish is a type of breakfast called “gallo pinto”. A Caribbean variation of ‘Gallo Pinto’ is ‘Rice and Beans’, which is prepared with coconut milk.

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At LS Dental Clinic, we will provide you the best dental treatment for your needs. Out team of dentists will strive to give you a beautiful natural looking smile. We specialize in dental implants, bone regeneration, porcelain veneers, bridges, crowns, All on Four denture, tooth replacements, fillings and teeth whitening. All while enjoying the best destination in Costa Rica tourism: Playas del Coco (Coco Beach).

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