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How to choose the best dentist in Costa Rica

Traveling to Costa Rica for dental work might be a bit overwhelming at first. Many things come into mind when you need to undergo a dental treatment to improve your health and self confidence. In order to have the best experience possible, it is very important that you do enough research about the medical facility you will trust with your dental health.

That is why we have made this list for you, to show you some of the many reasons why LS Dental Clinic is your best option for getting a dental treatment while you vacation in paradise: Coco Beach, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.


At LS Dental Clinic, we offer you excellent facilities, filled with natural light, in a very peaceful and quiet environment that will make you comfortable and relaxed.

Advanced Technology:

We perfect ourselves continually to offer you nothing but the best. LS Dental Clinic offers you the most advanced dental technology that will make an amazing difference in the results you will get with your treatment. We pride ourselves in the natural results we provide for each of our patients, but don’t take our work for it, hear it straight from our satisfied patients:

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ICOI Accredited Professionals

At LS Dental Clinic, our implantology specialized dentists are properly incorporated as ICOI members, with credentials such as ICOI Fellowship. ICOI is the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and one of the most prestigious worldwide organizations regarding professionals involved with dental implants and oral implantology.

Comprehensive dental care that suits your every need:

In order to make each patient feel at home, we give the most personalized attention we can. We strive to make your journey and dental treatment the best experience that you have ever had.

Assistance & Follow up:

At LS Dental Clinic, we not only care about your future perfect smile, we also want you to enjoy for the rest of your stay in our country. That is why we offer you the assistance you need for accommodation, transportation and activities during your trip. Ask us about your customized packages to get the best experience and make your trip worth even more the desire to keep smiling.

Success cases:

We have many success cases and testimonials to show you. Our patients are always very satisfied by the service and the results that have been given them. You can learn more, and hear it from the patients themselves. We want you to be part of these success cases that make us very proud.

Click here to see ourDental Work Testimonials Section

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