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16 Questions you should ask before getting dental implants and dental Work in Costa Rica

Probably if you are going to pay for a dental treatment you have many doubts that you want to clarify before, that is why we present the 16 most common questions of our patients and the answers.


1. Are dental implants painful?
The treatment is a surgery and this carries at least one incision in the gingiva, bone and installation of a prosthesis in the tooth bone, as well as inflammation and general pain in the area. While all this occurs under the effect of anesthesia, the subject of pain is something very subjective of each person. At LS Dental we have the highest levels of hygiene and professionalism when performing our surgeries, minimizing the risk of infection, thus achieving a recovery in less time and less painful.

2. How is the recovery?
The post-surgery recovery process is quite simple, we recommend absolute rest for 2 days as well as a cold liquid diet and constant ice applications in the area. Antibiotics and medications are provided to prevent any infection and to heal the wound in the shortest possible time, it is important to avoid physical exertion and to be exposed to high temperatures as this could cause additional bleeding that delays the healing process. The seams break off on their own and the patient within 7 days can return to normal life, always taking into consideration that the wound should be especially careful.

3. What activities can I do during and after my dental treatment?
During the post-surgery recovery process, it is recommended to follow the instructions given by the doctor, once the wound heals effectively the patient can lead a completely normal life.

4. Can I get an estimate of my dental implants cost before I travel?
Of course, this will have a chance of being fulfilled by 90% when presenting radiographs before the visit and around 75% when the budget is based on a conversation or conventional photos.

5. How expensive are Costa Rica dental implant prices?
The price of the implant will vary due to three functions. Implant brand and the warranty it provides, the type of treatment required as well as additional and the additional each professional adds to cover their expenses. In the case of Costa Rica, the expenses of the professional are lower than those of other countries without sacrificing the technical knowledge and experience of the professional.

6. In which cases is it advisable to do a dental implant procedure?
Whenever a nerve is involved or a tooth is lost, especially in young patients because the loss of bone in the mouth is an irreversible situation that will cause greater damage in the long term.

7. Do implants look natural?
The dental implant per se is not visible, so it does not have a problem of being artificial. The dental implant is hidden inside the gum and should not be exposed under any circumstances. In case of gum problems, additional graft treatment will be required to control this issue and protect oral health in general. The visible part of the implant is the crown that is fastened on this and the look of this will vary depending on the material and the condition of this (deteriorated crowns have to look unnatural). However it takes a very critical eye to notice the difference between natural crowns and teeth

8. What materials are used to create them?
The implants are mainly made of titanium, for the strength of the material as well as their anti rust conditions (look for fixed Wikipedia are more technical but that’s basically it)

9. Is Tobacco a problem after placing Dental Implants?
As a health clinic our first recommendation for any patient is to avoid smoking, however we respect the decisions of our patients. In the particular case of the implant, smoking will only impair the wound healing process after surgery, once the wound is healthy the cigarette will not deteriorate in any way the implant even if it will stain the patient’s teeth .

10. Are there foods that shouldn’t be consumed or that affect the implanted piece?
Only during the post-surgery recovery process will indications of a cold liquid diet be made, however it is important to clarify that this is merely by wound healing and not by the implant itself. It is demonstrated that the dental implant functions even better than the root of a natural tooth given its composition.

11. Does diabetes, hypertension or heart problems represent an impediment to
placement of implants? What diseases put this procedure at risk?
Like all surgery and due to anesthesia and blood loss, many diseases can present a risk to the patient. However 99% of these have solution and can be given the surgery. At LS Dental, the health of our patients is always our priority and in no situation will we perform a treatment without our patient being satisfied with the risk that it entails.

12. If I have an orthodontic treatment, is that a problem for an implant, or viceversa?
Since the braces move the position of the teeth and the root of these, it is advisable to wait for the treatment to finish before putting an implant. Since the crown is tailor-made for each patient, we have no problem adapting the restoration to the needs of the client

13. How long should I wait without being able to use the prosthesis?
It will depend on the healing of the wound and the evolution of the case, however once the patient returns to his country, he will take with him the prosthesis and the indications to use it, in LS Dental we work to make our treatments in the least possible way invasive in the personal life of our patients.

14. What special hygiene care should I have after this procedure?
During the post-surgery recovery process, the patient will have special care measures to decrease the healing process. Once this is completed, the patient can carry a normal hygiene in his mouth.

15. How long does it take to get dental implants?
Generally dental implants take two visits to Costa Rica, the first of approximately 5 days for implant placement and the second approximately 8 days for restoration of the implant. It should be taken into account that between both visits a period of 4 to 6 months is needed for the healing of the implant. These conditions represent 85% of the cases however they can vary depending on the conditions of each case. Contact us for more information

16. Why 2 visits?
The 2-stage implants have academic studies as well as proven experience that last a lifetime. In cases with optimal conditions of bone can be performed what is called an instant load, in this case the crown is installed a few days after implant surgery however it is not recommended given that the pressure generated by the bite can cause an implant to fail. Several dentists use the mini implants that are immediately loaded but they do not have studies that last a lifetime and according to observed data have a higher percentage of failure.

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