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How I saved $25.000 on dental work

I first met Dr. Ricardo Lopez as a walk-in patient for a routine cleaning. I was impressed with the tidy & quiet atmosphere in the reception area. One of the first things I noticed in the treatment rooms was the autoclave! Everything around me was so spotlessly clean!

Dr. Lopez shook my hand, introduced himself, smiling, before putting on his new black surgical gloves.
I was nervous (& shaking) but he talked calmly as he proceeded. It was the quickest & least painful cleaning I had ever experienced! He also replaced a filling & x rayed my teeth…and all for a fraction of the cost in Canada!

I had a problem with grinding my teeth at night. My front teeth were almost transparent & pieces were breaking off constantly. was unable to bite or chew my food without cutting it into tiny pieces. I couldn’t even bite a piece of toast.
Dr. Lopez recommended crowns on all of my upper teeth to maintain an even & healthy bite.

Over several visits, he personally photographed my teeth & bite, took multiple molds & proceeded to rebuild my front teeth to strengthen them. He applied temporary crowns so that my TMJ would adjust slowly to the changes before applying the permanent ceramic crowns. He also prepared a lower mouth guard for me to wear at night. Not only did he perform all of these tasks on me personally, at times a second dentist assisted!

Dr. Lopez was always professional, gentle & patient. He was always available to answer all of my questions and concerns even outside of office hours. He made me feel comfortable and even made me laugh on several occasions. I felt more like a friend at times than just a client.

The result is overwhelming! I am able to enjoy eating all my favorite food again…. and I smile a lot! Everyone notices the difference and I tell them all my story.

I highly recommend Dr. Lopez & the LS Dental Clinic. This has been an more affordable & pleasurable process than I could ever have expected compared to my past experiences in Canada.

The treatment I got is called Full upper arch rehabilitation, which included veneers and dental crowns. The goal was to lift the dimension of my teeth, which had been damaged due to the grinding, otherwise known as bruxism. This treatment would have cost me around $36.000 in Canada or the US. In Costa Rica, it cost me $5.600. In tickets, transportation, food, lodging, and entertainment I spent around $2.000, without mentioning I stayed for a nice 10 day vacation in paradise, watching beautiful birds and monkeys.

Brenda Basinger Southampton on Lake Huron, Canada

Looking to get some dental work done? 

At LS Dental Clinic Costa Rica, we will provide you the best dental treatment for your needs. Out team of dentists will strive to give you a beautiful natural looking smile. We specialize in dental implants, bone regeneration, porcelain veneers, bridges, crowns, All on Four denture, tooth replacements, fillings and teeth whitening. All while enjoying the best destination in Costa Rica tourism: Playas del Coco (Coco Beach).

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