What Is The All In Four Procedure?

What Is The All In Four Procedure?

The All On Four dental procedure is a ground-breaking technology in dentistry. Offering a number of benefits over conventional prostheses, All On Four dental implants are ideal for people with missing or weak teeth, gum disease and tooth decay.

All On Four dental implants are most suitable for patients that have medical conditions which interfere with the healing process of bones and soft tissue. Discoloured teeth caused by smoking and aging, bone disorders and connective tissue disorders can all be addressed

The first step of the All On Four procedure involves a clinical examination of the mouth and jaw bones. At this point, it is possible to assess the general health of your gums and bones to determine whether implant surgery is the best option for you.

All on four vs conventional dentures

Although the construction of modern dentures has improved in recent years, they still have limitations. Traditional dentures sit on top of the gums and are removable. This means they are not as stable and can feel uncomfortable and unnatural in the mouth.

All On Four dental implants are embedded into the jaw, thus look and feel like your real teeth. Furthermore, they strengthen the bone structure in the jaw and enable you to chew tough meat and sticky toffee.

Dental implants not only look natural, but support bone mass and prevent atrophy of the jawbone which retains the shape of the jaw even as you age. All on four replacement teeth therefore give you more confidence about your smile and your appearance.

If you are unsure whether All On Four dental implants will be more beneficial to you than conventional prostheses, consult an experienced dental surgeon and ask them to perform a clinical examination. They will then be able to explain your options in more detail and advise which procedure is best for you.