Visit to Bisco Company

In LS Dental Costa Rica we are always learning to offer the best in dentistry.

Our Director, Doctor Ricardo López came to the BISCO Company last November in Chicago to have the BISCO Experience.

BISCO is a dental company founded by Dr. Byoung I. Suh in 1981 dedicated to understand and improve the restorative dentistry as a specialist in adhesive and composite technology.

Dr. López came to Chicago to learn from the creators of many of the best dental restorative materials, to improve his professional practice and assure to his patients that they are having the most responsible and up-to-date dental care in Guanacaste.

This new generation of materials will improve the many dental procedures that we offer in LS Dental Costa Rica such as Ceramic Crowns, Ceramic Veneers and Zirconium restorations.

“I feel grateful to share and be part of this great team in the BISCO Experience, we are here where important companies are doing research, and the most important Universities in the world come to learn too, is amazing to understand the behavior of the many materials that we use in a daily-basis, it is very different when you understand how important is”.