Playa del Coco, Guanacaste

Playa del Coco, Guanacaste

Playas Del Coco, located in the Guanacaste Region of Costa Rica, and known to the locals as just Coco, has become a popular area to visit. Although it is one of the oldest beach communities in the Region, it is also one of the fastest growing areas for tourism as well as a destination for all your dental needs in the area.   Just a short drive from the Liberia airport, Coco offers all the amenities one looks for when visiting Costa Rica.

When coming to Coco for your dental needs, LS Dental can help you not only accomplish the medical aspect of your visit, but also assist you in finding a vacation rental while you are receiving your treatments.

Coco has a great party atmosphere, especially when the rainy season comes to an end in late November and December, which typically is the start of the high season in Costa Rica.  You will find not only unique beaches, but great restaurants and bars all within walking distance when you choose to stay within the town.  If you have decided to stay outside of the town of Coco and have not rented a car, you will find it quite easy to catch a taxi in order to enjoy all Coco has to offer.  Grocery stores and a variety of shops are also available with the town.

If you are looking for adventure or just want to enjoy the natural beauty that Costa Rica offers, Coco is in close in proximity to the popular zip lining, boating, hiking and various other activities and tours.  One popular attraction is Marino Las Baulas National Park.  If you are one of the lucky ones, you may even get to witness the once in a lifetime chance of the turtles nesting.  This area is home to the Leatherback, Pacific Green and Hawksbill turtles.  All of whom choose this area to make their nests.  At any given time, large masses of turtles will storm the beaches to lay their eggs in hope that their eggs will survive the predators that endanger their young.

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