Medical Tourism Costa Rica

Medical Tourism, Costa Rica what is it and why is it becoming so popular? Another question is why people choose to leave their country in order to have medical or dental procedures done. Believe it or not, there are the incredible monetary savings, no wait lists, and excellent quality to consider.   Costa Rica is visited on a regular basis specifically for medical and dental needs. Costa Rica houses some of the most experienced dentists and doctors in the world. Most doctors are members of the American Medical Associations. With this being said, many who considering medical procedures in Costa Rica can be confident knowing the medical professionals are accredited. Medical staff in Costa Rica put their patients first, going back to a time when patients weren’t just a number in a system, but were people, looking for excellent care and answers to their medical needs.

Facilities are modern and cleanliness is of the utmost importance of said facilities. Costa Rica uses the newest technology and has top notch equipment. The hospitals and clinics are very clean and considered some of the best in the world by the World Health Organization.

Traveling to Costa Rica has become easily more accessible with airlines adding more flight options to the Playa del Coco area which house some of the best care facilities. L S Dental is one of the top dental facilities in Playa del Coco and with their ability to provide round trip services to and from the airport, as well as house or hotel to the clinic there is no need to concern oneself with the woes of travel once in the country. LS Dental also offers beach house rentals for your convenience. LS Dental ensures its patients the best and most affordable care. Many residents in the United States alone do not have dental insurance. Dental procedures can become quite expensive, especially when extensive work needs to be done. Without insurance, many opt to forgo work that may be imperative to their overall health. LS Dental makes having no insurance easier to obtain the care needed. Having the option to choose highly professional and skilled medical personnel in another country, at a cost well below what one might expect to pay out of pocket in their home country, is very pleasing to many. Contact LS Dental for a consultation. Let us help you attain that beautiful smile you deserve.