How to make the most of your Costa Rica visit

We want you to take full advantage of your visit to Costa Rica. At LS Dental Clinic we strive to provide you the best dental work and give you a beautiful natural looking smile, while enjoying the many wonders our beautiful country has to offer. We give you a short list of things you can do while you vacation in Costa Rica.

Tourists that visit Costa Rica from all over the world fall in love with our beaches, and we are sure you won’t be the exception. LS Dental Clinic is located in the wonderful Coco Beach in Guanacaste, where you’ll enjoy breathtaking sunsets and feel the warm sand between your toes. According to Tripadvisor, Costa Rica has 8 of the best 10 beaches in Central America. Some of the activities that you can enjoy in our coast are: Sailboat tour, catamaran trip, snorkeling and kayaking.

Costa Rica has more than 200 volcanic formations. Over 100 of them still show signs of activity to this day. The landscapes they show are breathtaking and worth admiring.

Turtle spawning
Costa Rica is the place of spawning for 5 of the 7 species of turtles that exist in the world: Lora turtle, Baula turtle, Carey turtle, Green sea turtle, and Cabezona turtle. That’s why every year, thousands of tourists visit our beaches, where the warm sand works as a natural incubator for the eggs. A magical event of nature that you cannot miss.

Whale arrival
From December to March and from July to September, whales arrive from North America and South America to our Pacific coasts. These species come to mate in the warm waters of our country, with temperatures around 27 ° C and 28 ° C. They also give birth to their babies without threats from predators. Because of the geographical position of Costa Rica, it is considered a bridge between the north and south part of the American continent. Without a doubt, watching the arrival of cetaceans (whales and dolphins) at short distance, is a spectacle worth watching.

Amphibious tour
Thousands of bright coloured frogs are observed in the night tours that our country offers. You will be able to see about 200 species of frogs, 20 of which are endemic to Costa Rica. During approximately 2 hours of travel, the tour guide will cross different lands looking for these specimens.

Archaeological Sites
Costa Rica has fascinating archaeological sites that you can appreciate during your visit. Among them are petroglyphs, settlements, aqueducts and stone walkways. You will observe the millennial filters created with stone to purify the water that arrived at their settlements. You will also appreciate the famous ‘Diquis’ stone spheres declared World Heritage by UNESCO, their manufacturing still remains a mystery to this day.

Pieces of yellow gold, white gold, bronze and jade are waiting for you in the archaeological museums of our country. You will be able to observe the delicacy these historical and valuable jewels were created and their meaning to our indigenous ancestrals.

Coffee Tour
Over the years, one of Costa Rica’s main income sources has been coffee production. Its delicious flavor stands out among the best in the world. There are several production houses that offer guided tours to know the history of the national coffee and its contribution to the Costa Rican society. In these tours, you can enter in the coffee plantations, harvest the grain yourself during season, visit the benefits and toasters, and finally taste the authentic and delicious costa rican coffee cup.

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