Getting Your Teeth Cleaned

Getting Your Teeth Cleaned

Getting your teeth cleaned is so important to overall dental health. Having a poor oral condition is not only responsible for tooth loss and gum disease but is has also been linked to heart disease, that is why it is important to visit your dentist biannually to get your teeth cleaned professionally.

What Causes Plaque and Tartar Build Up?

Plaque is a natural film of bacteria which is made up of saliva and food and it sits on your teeth after eating and between brushing.  If plaque isn’t properly removed, it hardens and forms tartar.  Plaque and tartar cling to the teeth and accumulate below the gum line.  They can cause a range of problems, such as gingivitis, periodontal disease and cavities, all of which can cause tooth loss.

What Happens During Teeth Cleaning?

Regular brushing and flossing helps to remove plaque but a build-up is inevitable, especially in hard to reach spots – that’s where your dentist comes into the picture.  Either your dentist or a dedicated hygienist will be responsible for your teeth cleaning, their primary function is to prevent and treat gum disease which is caused by poor oral hygiene.

The hygienist’s job is to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease and to treat gum disease.  The hygienist will do a full teeth clean and polish which will remove any plaque and tartar that has built up on the teeth.  By cleaning and polishing the teeth, the whole area is perfectly smooth which means that bacteria cannot attach itself to any tooth surface.  The hygienist may also take X-rays to see if you need to see the dentist for further dental work.

The hygienist or dentist will also explain the best way to clean your teeth and how to floss to avoid future oral health problems.