All On Four Dental Implants In Costa Rica

All On Four Dental Implants In Costa Rica

All on four implant have revolutionised dentistry. The ground-breaking procedure can be performed in one and is the efficient and cost-effective means of replacing lost or rotting teeth. Not only that, but the implant-support look and function like real teeth.

You will be able to gnaw through meat and chew toffee like you did in your halcyon years and with a shiny polished whitening, your smile will return to its full glory. Perhaps the only bad news when you have an all on four teeth implant in Costa Rica is that you still have to brush and floss. Oh yes, advancements in prosthetic tooth surgery may have improved, but you still need to look after our gums to keep up the maintenance.

What is all on four implants?

All on four implant surgery is so called because you require four sets of implants to replace a full set of teeth. The implants support 12 sets of teeth in the upper and lower jaws and are made from titanium which has naturally enriching chemicals and strengthens the jawbone.

Dental implants look and feel like your natural teeth – but without the decay. They also stimulate the bone around them and support the volume and density of your jawbone that typically weakens as you get older. You therefore maintain the strength and dimension of your lower facial features and can laugh and smile with confidence.

Why choose all on four implants?

All on four implants may be more expensive that the old-style dentures, but they are more cost-effective in the long-run as they are stronger and more reliable.

And because dental implants effectively replicate natural tooth roots they maintain the structure and strength of your jawbone whereas dentures accelerate bone loss. Join us next week when we explain more about the procedure for all on four dental implants in Costa Rica.